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Alaska Hiking Trips

Basecamp-style hiking experiences in Alaska’s national parks.

We are Alaska’s hiking company, and we firmly believe that Alaska offers some of the best hiking anywhere on earth!  The notion of untrammeled and often trail-less wilderness, endless mountain ranges, long tundra and flower clad ridges, vast glaciers, and abundant wildlife draws hikers to Alaska from around the globe each summer season.  Though every Alaska Alpine Adventure involves some form of Alaska hiking, our basecamp adventures are day-hiking and wildlife viewing specific itineraries, which take us to some of Alaska’s most remote and spectacular hiking destinations, including Denali and Katmai National Parks.  Even our kayaking & river rafting trips revolve around the amazing Alaska hikes found within these itineraries.

All of our hiking trips allow an authentic Alaska wilderness travel experience, yet only require that you carry a light day-pack.  Our Alaska hiking trips are limited to 8-guests, and with a guest to guide ratio of 4:1 you are assured of our commitment to risk management, safety-conscious operations, and of course, Alaska-grade solitude!

Basecamp Bears – Katmai National Park

Duration:  5-days
Distance:  15 miles
Intensity:  Level 2
Cost:  $4,595
Lake Clark Unexplored - Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark Unexplored – Lake Clark National Park

Duration:  4-days
Distance:  20+ miles
Intensity:  Level 2
Cost:  $3,850