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Welcome to Alaska Alpine Adventures

Date: 01/01/2024

Dear Friends,

2024 is yet another monumental year for Alaska Alpine Adventures – it will be our 26th season guiding the most authentic wilderness adventures in Alaska!  And even more importantly, our menu of trips is broadening with a renewed focus on the wild.  It’s still our belief that the best places in Alaska are found well away from the crowds and shared with a small group of like-minded adventure enthusiasts in the wild & off-the-beaten-path places.   And with a quarter-century of guiding under our belts, our core values are now perfectly aligned with our menu of Alaska national park adventure trips – all remote and all multi-day experiences .  We believe the true definition of ‘adventure travel’ can be found “squarely in Alaska,” and as we’ve said before, “It’s a lonely world out there, if you know the right places to go!”

So whether you’re considering your first trip with us, or planning your 10th, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re choosing to travel with Alaska’s best and most dialed wilderness guiding and adventure travel company.  Our team is committed to sharing Alaska’s national parks and public lands with you, and delivering our adventures utilizing a time-tested and disciplined methodology to wilderness travel; an approach that includes attentive focus on organizational excellence, risk management,  guide training, guest communication & expectations, and all-inclusive itineraries.

As your guides to Alaska's national parks and wildlife refuges here's how 2024 is shaping up:

New Backpacking Trips!

Check out our new 7-day backpacking adventure  in Katmai  (with a bonus lodge stay in Lake Clark National Park) and exciting new 10-day backpacking trip in the wilderness of Gates of the Arctic National Parks.

Private Guided Alaska Tours

One of our specialties is guiding custom group tours and private family adventures throughout Alaska’s great parks. Our award winning trips offer our guests the opportunity to completely experience the Last Frontier in a small-group away from the crowds. Contact us for custom options for family hiking, camping , and private and customized adventures to some of Alaska’s most spectacular wilderness areas.

Guided Wilderness Trips

Since 1998, Alaska Alpine Adventures has built a reputation as one of Alaska’s premier wilderness outfitters. Offering backpacking trips, guided kayaking and hiking tours, river trips, basecamp hiking adventures, and custom adventures, our guides are comfortable in Alaska’s biggest and most remote mountain ranges. From Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias, Lake Clark, Katmai, ANWR, and Gates of the Arctic all the way to Aniakchak National Monument & Preserve, we have guided successful expeditions throughout Alaska for over two-decades.

Best Adventures,
Dan Oberlatz – Owner/Senior Guide

* All photos on this website were taken on actual Alaska Alpine Adventures!

Our Company

Alaska Alpine Adventures was conceptualized during many seasons of exploration throughout Lake Clark National Park by founders Dan Oberlatz and Derek Nelson. During this time, we held odd jobs and lived a life focused on climbing, skiing, and hiking as much of Lake Clark as we could possibly afford. Work simply meant the means to pay for our next flight into the wilderness, and time spent in the wild was the currency we preferred to earn. From first ascents and descents of remote peaks of the Alaska and Aleutian mountain ranges, to extended backpacking trips and speed hikes, our lives were rich with Alaska experience and the lifestyle felt wealthy. Our explorations fostered a profound appreciation and respect for the Alaska wilderness, a remarkable skill-set, and a passion for pure wilderness travel. Furthermore, our collection of experiences became the seed for Alaska Alpine Adventures, which became a reality in 1998.

Since our early days on Lake Clark, it is the blend of “what we do” and “who we are” that has made AAA. We are quite simply a group of explorers and naturalists sharing with our guests the incredible beauty of Alaska – The Great Land. Our goal and passion is to give our guests the opportunity to experience, through pure Adventure Travel, the exhilaration, the wonder, the grandeur, and the solitude of Alaska’s magnificent national parks and wildlife refuges.

As guides, however, we are more than simply leaders into the areas we venture. Throughout the Alaska Alpine Adventures’ experience, we endeavor not only to share these amazing landscapes on foot, raft, or kayak, but also to help our guests develop a sense of commitment to and appreciation for the vast public lands we visit. We strive to be good stewards of the truly wild and intact ecosystems we explore, and are committed to educating ourselves and others to respect and protect the wilderness areas that make these wonderful adventure tourism experiences possible.

Because we promote the exploratory component of our expeditions, we tend to attract visitors thirsty to explore and experience “real” Alaska – rather than those looking to simply check a box. We believe that this is also due in large part to the fact that we project conservation ethicscultural awareness, and environmental commitment throughout all aspects of our enterprise.

Our impressive collection of experiences represents not only our history, but also the blueprint for the future of Alaska Alpine Adventures. When you choose to travel with us, you can rest assured that your trip has been meticulously planned and executed by real Alaskans with authentic Alaska know-how, skill, and ability. Welcome to the Alaska Alpine Adventures’ family!

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