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I flew to Alaska a few times during my time in the Marine Corps. I instantly fell in love with everything Alaska. It took longer that I would’ve hoped, but I finally got to take my trip this summer. I have to say, it did not disappoint. Our guides were friendly, knowledgeable and very accommodating. Visiting one of the most remote places on earth with a group of people was an experience of a lifetime. We took over 1000 pictures between the 7 of us and I can say that none of them do this landscape justice. It was boggy, wet, mosquito ridden, rocky, cold, hot…you get the idea. However, it was the most wonderful experience of my life. The folks at AAA know how to treat their guests and I can only hope to go back one day on another trip.

I took the big trip, 12 days in Gates of the Arctic and Kobuk Valley, from Aug 8 to Aug 19, 2023. You might be wondering if you can do it. I’m 62 and in reasonable shape–I walk 20 miles a week–but I’m also about 20 pounds overweight. I had not slept on the ground in a while. But it was fine. Don’t kid yourself, it gets hot and cold out there, there are bugs, you have to paddle fair distances, and your sleeping mat is not your memory foam bed at home. BUT, if you are in generally good shape and can roll with the circumstances as they change, you can do this.

The trip organization and the guides are 100% top notch. I mean, every detail is accounted for and safety is #1 by a long, long distance. Our guides were 24 and 26 years old, but they were both seasoned professionals. They were friendly and helpful the whole time. They took extra care of one member of our party who was having a pretty tough time with some of it.

That part in the description about “the Alaska factor” is real. When we got to Bettles, it was too smoky from wildfires to travel til the next day. When we finished the river portion, it took 24 hours for the clouds to clear and get a plane in. So, yes, it went from 85 and smoky to 50 and raining with wind in about 7 days. But you know what? We got to canoe 83 miles as promised and we spent the night at both national parks. But there are factors beyond anyone’s control and they will come into play.

We saw 6 grizzlies which, oddly, we saw on the same day. 2 musk ox. 2 caribou. A fox. The scenery is stunning. You will never think of another area as “wilderness” again. Canoes, paddles, tents, etc. are top notch. And the food is, of course, a little heavy on noodles, but it was all tasty. It is not the freeze dried stuff from the store. They have their own kitchen and bring real food, vacuum-sealed. Snacks are great. Coffee and tea every morning.

I strongly recommend this trip. It’s not “easy,” but you don’t have to be in any special condition to do it if you are willing to sleep on the ground (on a mat), paddle a canoe, and be hot/cold/dry/wet in the same day. The guides do an amazing amount of the work, so be prepared to tip lavishly. Believe me, by the end, you’ll recognize what they were worth.

Finally, the price. It’s not cheap. But think about it a minute. 12 days. A night in a nice hotel. FIVE internal flights. Full-service guides the whole time. Every meal. Canoes. Hiking poles. Quality tents. Try to price out what it would cost to do it yourself. Then pay AAA the money.

Both Brian and Dan were phenomenal guides and took the experience to another level. They were extremely helpful and engaged throughout the week, and they ensured our safety while maximizing fun.

Could not be improved by much. Both guides were wonderful. The activities were just right as were  the accommodations.  Weather was perfect, activities were fine and both guides were willing to go out of their were to make sure we all had the best time.

Great trekking, great guides and great food… just a really spectacular experience from start to finish. You’ve got a repeat customer in me for sure.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. If anything, I would have planned for a longer stay! Thanks to all of you who made it easy for me to enjoy the Alaskan wild!  The trip exceeded all of my over the top expectations!

AAA even arranged gorgeous weather for us! My complaint is that Prem and I gained a couple pounds while hiking and kayaking because of all the wonderful food.

I am recommending your company to friends and family!

We had a lovely time and have some wonderful memories. We would recommend your outfit to everyone.

Wow! It was tough, which appeals to me because the toughest things are the sweetest to remember. The gorgeous vistas were worth the work it took to get there. It was the trip of a lifetime for me. The coolest thing I’ve ever done. I’m already thinking about my next trip!

Exceeded my wildest expectations! The country was wild, unspoiled and brand new geologically. The caldera was only 3700 years old and we felt than we were witnessing the birth of the earth as if we were transported back in time hundreds of millions of years. A fantastic, once in a lifetime experience!

I had an outstanding experience. I will use Alaska Alpine Adventures for my vacation next year.

It was a really well organized and executed trip, I am happy I went to Alaska with you!

Excellent destinations and activities selected. Outstanding trip and certainly a memorable experience.

As a wounded warrior this trip did something for me that nothing else has, brought me a deeper sense of peace. Thank you.

If you can’t tell from the rest of my comments, this was an outstanding trip, and we hope to come back to AK and AAA in the next few years. Thanks for everything!

I’m struggling to think of a better trip I’ve taken!

I was just a bit apprehensive prior to the trip, going as a single, on an extended backpacking trip in Alaska wilderness but I felt very comfortable and safe from the very first hello.  I enjoyed everything about this trip. I liked the welcome dinner, the B&B in Anchorage was beautiful, the flights to and out of Denali were amazing, the train was fun. And of course Denali itself was just stunningly beautiful….

I loved the entire experience you guys are first class!

The trip was better than expected and I had high expectations. I wish I had a dollar for every time I said “Wow! Holy S*%$” the backpacking, kayaking, and food were fabulous.

It was a perfect trip. There was no way to improve it.  How many trips in a lifetime does that happen?  What a great company – cheers!

Outstanding… of the best!!!!!

Best trip I’ve ever been on! Thank you!! Amazing adventures and food.

Overall, this was one of the most amazing things we have ever done. The float plane ride, hiking, camping, the AMAZING food, the whole trip top to bottom was incredible.

This truly was a trip of a lifetime and worth every penny spent. When my family and friends ask me how my trip was, all I can say is incredible.

Organization and logistics were all great. This seems like a great company. Meals were wonderful and surprising. I don’t think I eat such great food on a daily basis, let alone whenever I am backpacking.

Awesome! I’ve been on many trips and this was the best.

Great company! Great guides!

Wish there were an option (in the survey) for better than excellent – your entire staff were stellar.

Our Multi-sport trip was the most wonderful vacation for my husband and I. Our guide Mario, was expert at blending a relaxed atmosphere with the activities that we expected. The whole trip was above and beyond our expectations. Most excellent experience! Thank you.

Excellent trip-loved every bit of it. Great organization and planning, excellent food and very helpful trip leaders. One of my best experiences in Alaska.

Awesome – already thinking about doing another one, possibly in the Arctic!

Absolutely LOVED my first experience with you all! Cannot wait to book another trip.

Met all my expectations and I thought guides adjusted activity well to suit weather and my experience!

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