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Alaska Packaneering Trips

Backpacking + Mountaineering = Packaneering

Are you a serious backpacker who’s looking to step into the world of mountaineering?  Or are you a mountaineer looking to dive deep into the Alaska wilderness and complete a big traverse of a remote mountain range?  Then our Packaneering adventures are just for you.  Combining rugged backpacking with the addition of glacier travel gear, these expedition treks allow us to explore unnamed valleys and unclimbed peaks in the Alaska’s deep wilderness regions.  Whether plunging steps up a glacier clad peak in Lake Clark National Park, an active volcano in Katmai, or pioneering new traverses deep in the Alaska bush, you’ll find our packaneering adventures to be authentic Alaska and rigorous expeditions!

Alaska Alpine Adventures has been guiding exploratory trips into Alaska’s most remote and rugged mountain ranges since 2003. Below are just two examples of Alaska’s most incredible backcountry trips – truly expeditions of a lifetime! And, if you have a group looking to do something really challenging or go somewhere new, then give us a call.  Exploring Alaska is deep in our roots!