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Lake Clark National Park Adventure Tours

The birthplace of Alaska Alpine Adventures, and our favorite national park!

To this day, Lake Clark National Park represents the roots of our enterprise.  Not only is it where we guided our first trip and the base of summertime operations, it is also the backdrop for most of our itineraries and, quite simply, our favorite place on earth to explore.  From white summits of glacier-clad volcanoes, laced ribbons of wild and scenic rivers, endless expanses of verdant tundra, to salmon choked waters of azure lakes, Lake Clark is without equal.  Since its creation in 1980 to protect the amazing scenery, abundant wildlife and traditional lifestyles of its residents, it has been hailed as Alaska’s epitome, and for Alaska Alpine Adventures it remains home.  Lake Clark National Park is situated where the mighty Alaska range collides with the expansive Aleutian Range.  It contains roughly 80 miles of rugged coastline, countless rivers, glaciers, and unnamed peaks.  At just over 4 million acres, Lake Clark is roughly twice the size of Yellowstone National Park and larger than the state of Connecticut.

Dan Oberlatz, owner of Alaska Alpine Adventures, has been exploring Lake Clark National Park since 1992, and thinks it is the finest, yet most under-appreciated wilderness area in the entire national park system.  Not only does Lake Clark National Park offer the rare opportunity to truly explore wilderness that has never seen a human foot print, it is also home to some of Alaska’s most spectacular backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and rafting trips – a few of which are now considered Alaska classics and originally pioneered by founders Dan Oberlatz and Derek Nelson.

In August of 2008, Dan Oberlatz was joined by writer Daniel Duane, an editor from Men’s Journal Magazine, and renowned adventure photo journalist Corey Rich, to write a feature article on threat of the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region (See our Pebble Mine page for details). Corey was so impressed with the area, and with Lake Clark National Park in particular, that he is now regards it as “…one of the wildest places on the planet!”

Key Highlights

Hiking Backpacking Climbing Skiing Packaneering Kayaking Rafting
Brown Bears Caribou Golden Eagles Salmon Moose Bald Eagles Black Bears Dall Sheep
Mountains Rivers Waterfalls Glaciers Glacial Valley Volcanoes Lakes Tundra

Basecamp Bears – Katmai National Park

Duration:  5-days
Distance:  15 miles
Intensity:  Level 2
Cost:  $4,595
Lake Clark Unexplored - Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark Unexplored – Lake Clark National Park

Duration:  4-days
Distance:  20+ miles
Intensity:  Level 2
Cost:  $3,850