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AAA Merchandise

Welcome to our online store!  Below you’ll find some awesome logo-wear, along with links to our guides’ favorite gear and clothing items found on our Alaska gear lists.

Recommended Gear

Below you’ll find links to the “Guide’s Choice” items found on our gear lists.  As an Amazon Associate we earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

Around Camp:

Sleep Kit:

Sleeping Bag: (Synthetic or down rated to a minimum of 30 degree; Available for rent)

Sleeping Pad: (Closed-cell foam pad or inflatable air mattress; Available for rent)

Chair (Available for Rent)

Waterproof Compression Stuff Sacks (2):
– (1) to protect clothing
– (1) to protect sleeping bag;

Rental Sleeping bag includes a compression dry sack

Camp/Sleeping Layers:

Synthetic Underwear
– Men: Synthetic Underwear
– Women: Cotton or Synthetic Underwear

Heavyweight (insulating) synthetic TOP
Heavyweight (insulating) synthetic BOTTOM

Synthetic or Down Lightweight PUFFY JACKET


Fleece or Wool Gloves

Camp Footwear & Technical Socks (waterproof/bugproof for around camp, pair with CROCS):