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Reservation & Cancellation Policies

Before booking a trip with Alaska Alpine Adventures, we encourage you to thoroughly read our Reservation & Cancellation Policies below AND make sure you read and understand your personal responsibilities delineated on the Safety & Responsibility page on our website.

Our policies are intended to be fair, both to our guests and to our small business.  Ultimately, we are a small adventure travel company operating on public lands in some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments.  Our groups are intentionally small, our operating season each year is incredibly short, and each spot on a trip represents an irreplaceable opportunity.  The closer to a trip’s start date that a guest cancels, the more difficult it becomes to fill that spot, and that is what informs our cancellation policy.  It’s also the reason that we STRONGLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING TRIP CANCELLATION & INTERRUPTION INSURANCE. Both TRAVEL GUARD & RIPCORD are good options

We’re excited to share Alaska with you, in the most authentic way we believe possible! Thanks so much for understanding, and for choosing Alaska Alpine Adventures. We’ll see you in Alaska soon!

Reservation Policy:

The trip prices listed on our website and in our literature are per person, based on double occupancy (See our Roommate Policy below), and subject to a 3% Land & Water Access Fee.  A deposit of $1000.00 per person is required to reserve a trip with Alaska Alpine Adventures.  The remaining balance is due 45 days prior to the start of the trip. Reservations made within 45 days of the trip starting date require payment in full.  Alaska Alpine Adventures strongly recommends Trip Cancellation & Interruption insurance available through Ripcord or Travel Guard.

Trip Cancellations - Please Read Carefully:

IF WE CANCEL – Alaska Alpine Adventures reserves the right to cancel any trip because of internal reasons including but not limited to inadequate signups (see Trip Minimums below), loss of staff due to injury or illness and significant damage/loss of inventory.  If Alaska Alpine Adventures cancels a trip due to internal reasons, a refund of the total amount paid will be given.  Refunds are limited to the amount actually paid to Alaska Alpine Adventures.

IF GOD CANCELS – Should your trip departure have to be cancelled or postponed by a force majeure (including but not limited to: weather causing delays or cancelled charter flights, fire, flood, volcanic eruption, pandemic, ongoing or newly introduced travel ban or government statement) Alaska Alpine Adventures and its partner operators are not obligated to provide a refund or offer alternative travel services. Thus, we strongly encourage you to purchase Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance so that you are covered in the event of an unexpected change of plans.

IF YOU CANCEL – If the participant cancels a reservation earlier than 45 days prior to the starting date, the deposit will be refunded, minus a $500.00/participant administration fee OR the participant can elect to keep the entire deposit on account to be used on a future trip prior to September 20, 2025. If the participant cancels within 45-30 days of the trip starting date, there will be no refund of any costs OR the participant can elect to keep 75% of any payments on account to be used on a future trip prior to September 20, 2025. If the participant cancels within 30-days, there will be no refund of any costs.

Itinerary Changes or Delays:

Once a trip has begun, Alaska Alpine Adventures reserves the right to alter the itinerary.  Occasionally once a trip has started, weather or other factors may cause delays, destination changes, or make completing the trip impossible.  In these circumstances, there will be no refund of fees.  Alaska Alpine Adventures is not responsible for any additional costs (e.g. airline flight changes, additional hotel nights, etc.) associated with trip delays or itinerary changes due to weather or other factors.

Roommate Policy:

Most of our trips include at least one night in a hotel or lodge.  Our trip rates are based on double occupancy in each room.  If you are a single traveler and request your own room OR we are unable to find a roommate of the same gender, a single supplement fee (See FAQ section on the trip details pages for pricing) will be applied to your trip rate before your final balance is due (45 days prior to your trip start date).  If we find you a roommate prior to your final payment being due, the single supplement will be removed from your balance due.

  • Due to limited inventory with our accommodations vendors, a single room cannot always be guaranteed.
  • If we find you a roommate after you have submitted your final payment, your single supplement will be refunded.
  • If you register 45 days or fewer prior to your trip start date, your single supplement will be due at the time of your registration unless a roommate is available.  If a roommate is found prior to your trip, your single supplement will be refunded.
  • Please be sure to confirm your rooming arrangements by emailing us or calling 1-907-351-4193


You can rest assured we’ll do our level best to make certain that your dietary needs are met.  Beyond our standard menu, we can provide options for vegetarian, vegan, and many allergy-restricted diets but we cannot always provide the same diversity or sophistication of our regular menu for restricted diets.  We ask that you join us at our wilderness table with an open mind!  Please visit our Food Page or call us with any questions or concerns.

Trip Minimums:

In order to guarantee any Alaska Alpine Adventures goes at the listed price, a minimum number of participants must sign up.  Most of our wilderness trips require a minimum of 3 or 4 guests to guarantee departure, while most of our Lake Clark trips only require a minimum of 2 to guarantee that the trip goes at the listed price.  However, in the event your departure doesn’t meet the minimum we will still operate the trip at below the minimum required for a modest surcharge – see below

1 guest: Listed price PLUS 100%
2 guests: Listed price PLUS 40%
3 guests: Listed price PLUS 25%

1 guest: Listed price PLUS 100%
2 guests: Listed price PLUS 25%

1 guest: Listed price PLUS 100%

At 45 days-prior to the starting date we will let you know whether or not your trip has met the minimum number of participants to guarantee the departure.

You will then have two full weeks to consider the following options.

  1. Elect to pay the below minimum surcharge to guarantee the trip.
  2. Switch to any another itinerary during the same dates – subject to availability and trip price adjustment.
  3. Cancel your trip for a full refund
  4. Roll your entire balance into a credit for a future trip with no penalty.

Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns.