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Catch Her If You Can

“She’s out today!” That’s what you’ll hear locals say when the clouds part and the elusive Denali—the tallest peak in North America—reveals its majesty. Denali National Park is affectionately known as the Crown Jewel of the National Park system. We believe every adventurer should find themselves in its midst at least once in their lifetime.

Whether you like basecamp hiking, backpacking, or want an entirely lodge-based trip—we’ve tailored our Denali tours to accommodate all sorts of explorers.

Want to See Denali Like Few Ever Will?

Every Denali National Park trip features full immersion in the heart of the Alaska Range, floatplane transportation in and out, a final day in Talkeetna (where the views of Denali are second to none), and a scenic train ride back to Anchorage.

Click on the package that interests you to get a downloadable day-by-day itinerary and see a solid list of what’s included—plus, get a detailed contingency plan if the “Alaska Factor” kicks in. You can even forward the itinerary to a friend, or hang it on your fridge for a constant reminder that you must immerse yourself in the wilds of Alaska. Preferably ASAP.

Backpacking Denali National Park 7 day

  • 5 full days and 30+ miles of backpacking through open tundra, massive glaciers and wild rivers
  • Level 2
  • 2019 Availability: 7 spots in August | 8 spots in September

Backpacking Denali National Park 10 day

  • 8 full days and 50+ miles of backpacking through virgin wilderness in a virtually unexplored area of the park
  • Level 3
  • 2019 Availability: 6 spots in August | 8 spots Aug–Sept

Denali Unexplored

  • 3 days and 3 nights of camping and basecamp hiking in the epicenter of the Alaska Range
  • Level 2
  • 2019 Availability: 5 spots in September

Want to see Denali but prefer not to camp? Check out our lodge-based Source to Sea Multisport tour. You’ll hike, fish, kayak, raft, cruise and fly through three national parks—all while enjoying the comfort of nightly accommodations in some of Alaska’s most famous lodges.

Want to see Denali and experience a mix of camping and lodging? Check out the Ultimate Alaska Multisport tour! You’ll see the best of Alaska by hiking, kayaking, climbing, cruising and flying—all while enjoying nightly accommodations in Alaska’s most famous lodges, and tent camping at our comfortable Denali basecamp.

And for the Foodies…

Wonder what you’ll be eating while immersed in pristine wilderness? We’re glad you asked! For two decades, we’ve been on a quest to create the perfect backcountry menu. And, well, we think we did it. Developed by chefs and refined by mountain guides—these original, delicious recipes are the best you’ll ever eat around a campfire.

Check out the Food Experience

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