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Take an Armchair Vacay to Alaska

Alaska Isn’t Going Anywhere

Alaska is still putting up a fierce and effective fight against the coronavirus—and all of us here at AAA wait in great anticipation of the day travel restrictions are lifted and we can adventure together.

Our friends at Travel Alaska said it best with this video—Alaska will wait for you.

When Necessary, Travel at Home

We want you to stay safe and sane, but don’t forget—traveling at home IS an option! If you’re struggling with adventure withdrawal, check out these virtual escapes and dream about where your next Alaskan adventure will take you.

  • Alaska Wildlife: Join thousands of people who geek out on bear footage from Katmai National Park at! Watch bears fishing and playing, and tiny cubs ambling after their mother—while owls and eagles soar overhead. Enjoy gazing at not socially distanced Pacific walruses doing their thing at Round Island, and spy on highlights from the Arctic snowy owl’s nesting cam in Barrow. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Alaska Adventure. Use wi-fi to visit Kenai Fjords National Park and experience a virtual climb down a crevasse on Exit Glacier. This one is great for the whole family!



If You Can’t Be With Us, Follow Us

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