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We’re ON during the pandemic

A Message from Dan Oberlatz:

Alaska’s Still Calling

In September of 1992, I found myself standing on a beach in the wilderness of Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park. After months of expedition planning and preparation, I was now deep in the Alaska bush—both elated and terrified as I climbed into the unknown. That adventure inspired my permanent move to Alaska, and planted the seed for a guide business that would take adventure-seekers to the most authentic places in the state.

28 years later, I’ve found myself facing the unknown yet again. Although I don’t know when the curtain of uncertainty will be lifted and adventurers will return to the wilderness of Alaska as before, I do know that leading life-changing expeditions will go on—even if it looks a little different than it used to.

I’ve provided our loyal community with a COVID-19 update on our website. Learn how we came to the decision to operate this summer, and how you can get here if you so choose. Be sure to check back for more updates—I’ll be sharing what I know as the information comes.

hope you’ll join us—whether now or next year—as we continue to journey into the unknown. Alaska is still calling. And we’ll keep answering.


Into The Wild We Go

Operations will be in full-swing this summer—and you better believe we’ve put as much care and precision into our mitigation plan as we have our wilderness trips.

We’ve covered everything—from how to social distance in the great outdoors, to when you’ll have to wear a mask, to how often we’ll be sanitizing your gear. There’s even a protocol for our “poo kits.”

Yup—we thought of every detail.



P.S. The latest Keg Talks video is up! Adventure Appetites Operations Manager Bryan Caenepeel takes some time to enjoy a beer and share a little about himself. Watch it now.

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