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A message from Dan Oberlatz in response to COVID-19

And just like that, our worlds have been completely upended! Social distancing recommendations have forced officials (even in Alaska!) to close schools, bars, restaurants, gyms, theaters, museums, ski resorts, and even some national parks (except in Alaska:). Despite a heavy hit to the economy, to hard-working people’s livelihoods, and to small businesses like mine, I applaud the courage of those out there making the tough choices. These are not easy times, but the health and safety of our communities depend on each of us following their lead and doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, in Alaska the days are growing longer, the sun is shining higher, birds are returning, and the first glimpses of an awakening spring are peeking around the snowy corners. Alaskans are so fortunate to live in such an astoundingly natural place in the world. Here in Anchorage it’s easy to maintain social distances on cross country skis,  fat-tire bikes, or spiked running shoes. Here in Anchorage, we are reassured to know that an empty Alaska is only 15 minutes away.

As I write this from our small & very quiet office and look at the walls of amazing pictures taken on our trips, I’m reminded that what Alaska Alpine Adventures does is special. I’m reminded that we’ve been intentionally practicing social distancing measures for over 20 years. I’m reminded that the Alaska we choose to recreate in is the empty Alaska that lies beyond our imagination. And I’m also reminded that Alaska, and the vibrant communities within it, will endure beyond this global crisis. Those reminders buoy me, and the pictures on the walls make me yearn to go back into the wilderness.

And now, more than ever, don’t we all need a little wilderness in our lives? Alaska Alpine Adventures is honoring that thought, and we are planning on operating our 22nd amazing summer as scheduled. While we realize that this fluid situation is changing by the day, and that the future remains uncertain & beyond our control, our team is at home in Alaska preparing, as we have for two decades, for the season ahead.

We are also constantly strategizing ways to assure that your adventure is even better, by creating enhanced sanitation protocols and updating our cancellation policies to further protect the investment you’ve put into your vacation. Furthermore, we are working on our 2021 dates, and will have them loaded onto the website by April 1.  But also know that from time to time, you may find me outside on boots, bikes, or skis, or simply staring at the office walls!

Be Safe & Be Well,

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