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Alaska Photo of the Month – January 2008

I took this shot in July of 2004 while guiding our Turquoise to Twin Traverse backpacking trip in Lake Clark National Park. Pictured is our first camp at the spectacular and remote Turquoise Lake – located right in the heart of the park. Access to this amazing wilderness is solely by floatplane and roughly a 1.5 hour flight from Anchorage.

Located on a spit of land on the southwest end of the lake, camp one sits on the tundra within a stunning amphitheater of mountains, glaciers, and creeks. The peaks in the distance top out at over 8000′. Considering that Turquoise Lake is situated at only 2500′ above sea level, it becomes clear that there is over 5500 feet of all-encompassing vertical relief surrounding the lakeshore! Moreover, because the lake’s elevation is right at tree line (comparable to an elevation of roughly 11,000′ in Colorado) the surrounding vegetation consists primarily of alpine tundra. Consequently, the hiking and backpacking around Turquoise Lake is second to none!

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