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Alaska Photo of the Month – January 2015

Our featured image for January 2015 comes to us from Aniakchak National Monument. On a pristine, blue-sky day, these travels bask in the sunshine on the shore of Surprise Lake within the Aniakchak caldera.

Clear weather days like this one are a rarity in Aniakchak National Monument. Known as much for its extreme weather as it is for its remoteness and beauty, Aniakchak is the epitome of rugged. But in June 2014, for four lucky Alaska Alpine Adventures travelers, the sun shone for twelve straight days. UNREAL! But even when the weather sets in and punishes Aniakchak and the rest of the Aleutian chain, it can be spectacular. Wind and rain are common, but the unique weather phenomenon known as Cloud Niagaras is one of the most spectacular things to behold in the Aniakchak caldera. We’re excited to continue exploring Aniakchak National Monument in 2015 with two trip offerings: Aniakchak River and Backpacking the Ring of Fire!

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