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Alaska Photo of the Month – October 2009

Over the next few months, I’m going to use the photo of the month (and I hope to be more diligent at sending it!!!) to take you on a photographic journey of my summer of 2009. It started in June with an incredible adventure into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and ended with an amazing traverse of Alaska’s Revelation Mountains. All in all, in 2009 I spent over 50-days in the field and along the way I made some incredible friendships and saw some breathtaking landscapes

This shot was taken in June high above the Hulahula River and deep in the Arctic National Wildlfe Refuge. On this trip we climbed the highest peak in the Brooks Range – Mt. Chamberlin – and rafted out the Hulahula River to the village of Kaktovik. The views and vistas in the Arctic are like no where else on earth, and when you combine incredible solitude, 24 hours of summer sunlight, and diverse flora and fauna, it’s easy to realize why a trip to the Refuge is certainly one to put at the top of the life list!

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