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Finding Bigger, Deeper, and Wilder Places

A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Ever wonder who’s behind everything from coordinating trips to lining up guides, scoping areas to explore, and even ordering new gear? Well, we can’t wait for you to meet Program Manager Nick Allen (aka Nico) in today’s Keg Talks video!

Nico tells all—how he got into guiding, where his favorite places to adventure are, and what the multifaceted program manager role at Alaska Alpine Adventures looks like. So take five, pour yourself a tall one, and allow us to introduce you to the one and only Nick Allen.

Experience Alaska Together: Book a Family Adventure

Looking to make incredible memories with your loved ones? We’ve been helping families experience Alaska adventure vacations for over 20 years. Whether kayaking on a sublime lake in the heart of Lake Clark National Park, hiking to a spectacular overlook from one of our comfortable basecamps, or experiencing a multisport sampler of Alaska’s most amazing national parks—you’re sure to have the family vacation of a lifetime.

What Type of Adventurer Are You?

Whether you crave backpackingpackaneeringrafting or multisport tours—chances are we’ve got an adventure with your name on it. Search our trips by activity, park, duration of stay, or specific dates to see what’s available. Then get details, download itineraries, view photos, and find out what to pack. You can also check out our trip FAQs. Our goal is to make getting you here as simple as possible—so you can experience a real adventure vacation.

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