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Forget your cookie-cutter vacation

Highlights From Fellow Adventurers

We’re having an epic summer here in Alaska! With 90 degree heat and 20+ hours of daylight, our guests are immersing themselves in some of the most spectacular places on earth. We pride ourselves in creating authentic experiences for our visitors—so check out how our guide Sean gave these gals a bit of a challenge while adventuring in Lake Clark last month.

You Can Still Get to Alaska This Summer!

Picture watching the sunset at midnight over the splendor of the Twin Lakes basin, or exploring the wilderness homestead of Dick Proenneke’s hand-hewn log cabin, or taking a bush flight (or two) above the Arctic Circle—where the sun literally doesn’t set. Alaska has always been a place of refuge and inspiration, so we’d like to encourage you to follow the craving of your soul and come adventure with us this summer.

Source to Sea Multisport
Intensity: Level 2
Duration: 12 days | 500+ miles
Airport: Anchorage International
This trip is great for families and couples who prefer to experience Alaska’s wild beauty with amenities—like beds and running water. Feel free to can your cookie-cutter vacation and come here instead. It’s entirely lodge-based.

Twin Lakes Paddle
Intensity: Level 2
Duration: 7 days | 25 miles
Airport: Anchorage International
This trip is great for groups, couples, and the lone-wolf adventurer—anyone who appreciates camping, kayaking, and exploring one of the finest national parks on earth. This trip wasn’t named one of National Geographic’s “Tours of a Lifetime” for nothing!

Backpacking the Arrigetch Peaks
Intensity: Level 3
Duration: 10 day | 40 miles
Airport: Fairbanks
This trip is great for people who would like to get far, far away from their problems. (Just kidding.) Couples and the solo adventurer alike will enjoy this bold backpacking expedition—or anyone who isn’t afraid of multiple bush flights, who craves occasional isolation, and who can carry a backpack weighing ⅓ of their body weight for days at a time.

Quick Tip!

Traveling alone or with one other person? Check out our trips with the orange “has bookings” label. These trips have people signed up to go, but not necessarily enough to guarantee them. Your booking may be the one that kicks an adventure over the edge!

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