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Here’s how we survive the Alaskan winter

How to Survive the Darkness in Alaska

There’s nothing like watching the Northern Lights on a deep, dark Alaskan night. You won’t see a finer display of nature’s wonder across the star-splattered sky. But our winter solstice is just four days away—and for those of us in Southcentral Alaska, that means the sun will show itself for a mere 5 hours and 28 minutes before it drops back behind the horizon.

Darkness can wear on even the most passionate of adventurers. Our solution? Get outside anyway.

Here’s a tip from Dan on how to survive the land of extremes:

“If you like to play outside, there’s only one way to survive winters in Alaska, and that’s with a whole quiver of toys. Climate change has been wreaking havoc on Alaska, and winters are no longer reliable. One day it will snow, the next it will be raining and blowing sideways. In order to stay sane, you may have to deploy the bike with studded tires, the nordic skis, the spiked-up running shoes, the ice skates, the crampons, the ice climbing tools, the backcountry skis, and (of course) the gym membership!”


Happy Holidays!

We wish all of our guests—past and future—a fantastic holiday season, filled with adventure and authentic experiences of all kinds. We consider ourselves privileged to give fellow adventure-seekers the opportunity to experience total wilderness immersion in our great state. Thank you for making Alaska Alpine Adventures one of Alaska’s premier wilderness outfitters.


Three Great Reasons to Book Now

If you’re thinking of booking a trip with us, now’s the time. Prices will go up on January 1, 2020. Don’t forget that we’ve made some serious upgrades and will be sending two lead guides on every tour. Plus—we’ve dropped our minimum from three guests to two guests on select trips. That means if you’re traveling alone, we only require one more person to register before the trip reaches guaranteed status.

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