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Meet the Newest Member of the Team

A Behind-The-Scenes Look

She’s a National Park nerd, her favorite place is Girdwood, and she’s proud to call herself The Office Girl. Plus—she’s the one who will be making sure you have a seat on the floatplane, a bed in the hotel, and your meals planned down to the planet-saving snack pouches! Find out why Alaska Alpine Adventures is stoked to add Sara to the team (20 years of experience with Alaska tourism doesn’t hurt) —and which team member she’s hitched to!

Watch: Meet Sara


So You Want to See Denali, Eh?

Six million acres of wilderness, unaltered ecosystems, and the tallest peak in North America—we understand why this place is on your bucket list. Whether your goal is to experience The Great One, or get that stamp in your National Parks Passport book—we’d love to be the ones cheering on your great adventure. We’ve been guiding trips to Denali National Park since 2003, and offer three great ways to experience it. Check out specific trips below for a full itinerary, available dates, and photos from those who have gone before you!


Hike along massive glaciers and wild creeks to a virtually unexplored area of DNP. Plus, experience access to the park via floatplane and end with a trip to the climbing town of Talkeetna!

Possibly Alaska’s best adventure sampler! Hike, kayak, climb, cruise, and fly through the wilderness. You’ll also enjoy Alaska’s most famous lodges and B&B’s at night, and some tent camping in DNP.

While most visitors experience the park via its main northern corridor, the south side of the park remains completely roadless and virtually unexplored. This is where you’ll spend your days hiking miles of tundra and endless glaciers—all in the humbling majesty of DNP.


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