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Interview With Alaska Alpine Adventure Guests.
Why Take a Guided Tour With Us?


With pro guide Dan Oberlatz at the helm, Mark and Joan Strobel journeyed back for yet another Alaskan adventure this year. The goal was to backpack through the final leg of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). While they didn’t quite finish their complete traverse of the refuge due to uncrossable rivers flooded with snowmelt, they couldn’t help but feel accomplished about their 14-day backpacking trip over 110 miles of rugged terrain.

Mark and Joan have traveled with Alaska Alpine Adventures on 17 trips in 15 years. Wow! They have a lot of Alaska experience and are fully capable of doing these hikes on their own.

But since they’re both such accomplished adventurers, one might ask: Why go on a guided Alaska trip when you could clearly do it yourself?

During their most recent tip, Dan Oberlatz interviewed the Strobels and posed this question, looking to get the raw, honest truth—and here’s what they had to say:

“The key is that we don’t take guided trips to make backcountry travel easier for us. Having a guide is what allows us to go on harder trips than would be possible for us to do on our own, even with all of our experience combined.” –Mark Strobel

There’s more. In fact, Mark and Joan gave 12 reasons why they’ll continue to take guided backpacking trips with Alaska Alpine Adventures. From route selection to emergency response skills and pilot/vendor relationships to learning new techniques from a pro, this is one interview you don’t want to miss.


Mark and JoanThe adventures of Mark, Joan, and Alaska Alpine Adventures

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