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Seeking Solitude & Confronting Fear

A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing you to the Alaska Alpine Adventures team—and we thought we’d start with none other than Dan Oberlatz himself.

Two decades ago, Dan launched an adventure company focused on giving people the opportunity to experience the soul-cleansing euphoria of being in the Alaska wild.

Thanks to his combined passion for the outdoors and entrepreneurship, Alaska Alpine Adventures continues to reach new peaks. In its 20 years of operations, the outfitter has grown from 2 guests and 2 trips its first season, to roughly 300 guests and 55 trips each year. But even with all that growth—Dan’s original mission isn’t lost.

His commitment to giving people the opportunity to experience transformation in the Alaskan wilderness is as pure today as it was when he started. It might even be stronger.

To meet Dan is to meet a piece of Alaska itself. Watch our founder tell his deepest secrets about what draws him to the wilderness year after year—and what he’s looking to confront when he gets there.

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