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We’re so green, we pack out our own $#!%

Being green isn’t easy. But someone’s gotta do it.

We’ve been green since 1998, way before being green was a “thing.” We do a lot more than throw our paper wads in the recyc—wait, we don’t even have paper wads! Our paperless, online reservation system is just one way we promote conservation ethics. In fact, the only paper our guests ever get is a thank-you card from our guide team. Our founder Dan Oberlatz has accrued a long list of planet-saving practices, and we can’t wait to share the latest developments with you:

  • We’re a member of 1% For the Planet—which means 1% of our net revenue is donated to conservation and humanitarian organizations. In fact, Dan is known as a leader in the rural tourism industry, regularly volunteering with organizations that promote responsible travel and the protection and preservation of Alaska’s landscapes and fish & game resources. Dan is the current Vice Chair of the Alaska Travel Industry Association—Alaska’s statewide tourism association and will be taking the gavel as Chair in October!
  • We’re certified by Adventure Green Alaska and are strong practitioners and partners of Leave No Trace. You’ll find us doing all sorts of green stuff—like using compact LED bulbs and putting organic ingredients in our food packages. We even pack out human waste on basecamp trips. Need we say more?
  • And finally—we’re really excited to announce our most recent sustainability practice. Despite our efforts to minimize plastic use across our business, we just couldn’t figure out how to make a dent in our need for plastic bags. That is, until Dan stumbled upon some planet-saving pouches on his recent trip to Canada…

“Packing for an expedition has always required the use of plastic bags and plenty of packaging and repackaging—we just couldn’t find a way around it. That is, until I went to Canada on a backcountry ski trip this past winter. Our amazing guide team had procured these really cool snack pouches with a hook-loop closure. Each morning we’d load our personal pouch (also a gift for us to keep) with an array of snacks laid out on the dining room table of the hut. Then we’d strike out on the day’s tour with our personal pouch full of snacks. THIS was the solution I was looking for!

When I returned from Canada, I contacted Chico Bag and ordered 350 of their ‘Snack Time’ pouches. This simple move cut our plastic bag use by 70%, and also made our entire expedition packing process simpler and more efficient. Plus—our guests can utilize the pouches at home. We’re doing our small part to make real change happen.”
—Dan Oberlatz, Owner

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